Dyson's Bladeless Fan No Blockbuster


Children - and idiots - are more likely to retain all of their fingers while visiting your apartment now that Dyson introduced the Air Multiplier bladeless fan.

The revolutionary design works because a regular fan sits safely in the base with air forced up and out through a narrow slit at "about 119 gallons a second," according to Sir James Dyson. All air, no finger-severing.

True to form, Dyson, well-known for its super-sucking vacuum, makes the minimalist Air Multiplier look foreign. In fact, at first glance you might not notice that the Air Multiplier has a dimmer-switch so you can get the air flow just right. No, your first thought is that this ringed device might suck you into a time-shifting quark.

Instead, this futuristic fan will suck up between $300-$330 of your hard-earned dollars. And it's said to be as noisy as running a vacuum. Definite negatives.

The major plus, according to the UK's Telelgraph, is that it's 15-times more efficient that a standard fan, which would save in energy costs, especially compared to an A/C unit. Also, it doesn't require dusting grimy blades. But, does that make it worth the heavy up-front price? We did a little math to figure out how its cost compares to the cost of a cheaper fan ...