Create dollar store treat bags for little ghoulies and ghosts


When it comes to Halloween handouts, I usually wimp out and buy one larger item like bags of potato chips to shell out at the door. But it can be fun putting a bunch of smaller things into treat bags and, at dollar store prices, it doesn't have to cost a lot, either.

Besides, it's more fun for the kids to get a mystery bag of goodies and as Dollar Tree shows online, you don't have to confine your offerings to candy.

The skeleton hand bags shown on the Web site come in packages of 18 for $1 and could be fun but because of the fingers, they're really only suited to holding small candies like M & M's.

If you'd like to include larger items, try some Halloween printed twist tie bags or Zipper seal bags. At 25 bags for $1, you're also getting more bags with either of these.

The next consideration is what non-food treats to include. Dollar Tree makes a few suggestions, such as Halloween stickers, pencils, erasers, fun straws, rings and creepy creatures for $1 each package. I bought four packages of 10 pencils for $1 each.