Laundromat Rival: Porta-wash Machine

If your apartment doesn't include a washer and dryer, what are your options? For some, the choice is to buy a portable washing machine. You can quickly recoup the time or money spent at the laundromat.

Here are two portable washing machine options.

Haier HLP21E Portable 6.6lb. Compact Washer
It says a lot when several reviewers "love" this little guy. Writes one:

"I would totally say if you have a prewar apartment in NYC like I do ... you need this!"

I can imagine why. It is no fun lugging bags of laundry up and down flights of steps, even if you're taking it to be washed by someone else.

This unit connects to your sink. The common complaint seems to be that it isn't on wheels and therefore trickier to store away. One person uses a wheeled plant stand to move it back and forth.

This portable washing machine retails for about $200.

Wonder Wash
This laundry system looks like a mini cement mixer. You'd be surprised to learn it works a lot like a pressure cooker. It works by combining hot water, detergent, and air in a pressurized container. It holds five pounds of clothing, almost as much as the Haier washer profiled above but in an even smaller literal, and environmental, footprint.

This unit is environmentally responsible because it uses a fraction of the water and detergent of conventional systems. It also works using cold water. Find more FAQs here.

The Wonder Wash retails for about $45.
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