Mafia Wars' Stamina Cost Gets Halved


Stamina in Mafia Wars has always been a fickle thing. Once a player levels up, or gains a Profile Point for mastering a job level, thinking about where to allocate those points to enhance a character always adds an uncertain level of strategy to the game. Yet, for those looking to live out their thug life by fighting with every other player, adding points to their stamina had a cost, two profile points for one stamina skill point. The cost for stamina had an overwhelming effect. Since stamina, used as points for fighting, was so costly, players amped up their health and energy scores in order to level up faster and stay alive longer during their low stamina fueled battles.

On Thursday, the Mafia Wars team at Zynga finally fixed the issue by letting players pay one Profile Point for one Stamina Point. It's a welcome change. Now that the weekend is on, we expect stamina levels to increase, which is probably going to make for lots and lots of mafia fighting. You've been warned.