Green Pizza-Eating Tip

It's so genius, yet so simple and so obvious, that we're appalled we didn't think of it first! Green products company Eco Incorporated out of New York has invented a new pizza box design - called The Green Box - that just might change the way you eat your pie.

The box's lid is perforated to easily detach from the bottom, and it's scored into 4 square "plates" to serve your pizza on. Yeah, that's it - hey, I told you it was simple.

The design is still patent-pending, but until your local pizza shop starts offering the Green Box, why not bust out the box cutter and make your own? It'll save you a few paper plates or the effort of washing dishes, and is a handy recycle for otherwise non-recycleabe pizza boxes (the soaked-in grease and likely stuck-on toppings render pizza boxes unfit for most recycling programs).

Now, put your thinking cap on and come up with the next genius-but-obvious idea before someone else does!
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