FarmVille: Limited Edition Halloween-y Items Have Arrived


When you log into FarmVille starting October 16, you will be greeted with a message that says, "Trick or Treat! Grab your spirit-filled decorations and fully animated Haunted House before they all disappear!"

That means you have until November 1, 2009 (17 days) to buy the aforementioned Haunted House, tombstones, a Cat-O'-Lantern, Plant Monster and more. It's split about 50/50 on which items can be purchased with coins earned by playing the game and others that require FarmVille Dollars, which you buy using real-life cash.

Also, you're now able to gift white Jack-O'-Lanterns to your Facebook friends. Get them while they're hot! See them and the full lineup of Halloween stuff below:

FarmVille Limited Edition Spooky Stuff

Buy these using coins:


Cost: 1,200 coins
Sell for: 60 coins
XP Gained: 12


Cost: 1,200 coins
Sell for: 60 coins
XP Gained: 12

Dreadful Fence

Cost 1,000 coins
Sell for: 50 coins
XP Gained: 10

Plant Monster

Cost: 10,000 coins
Sell for: 500 coins
XP Gained: 100


Cost: 4,000 coins
Sell for: 200 coins
XP Gained: 40

Buy these using FarmVille Dollars:

Haunted House

Cost: 60 FarmVille Dollars
Sell For: 11,000 coins
XP Gained: 2,200

Gargoyle Gate

Cost: 15 FV Dollars
Sell for: 500 coins
XP Gained: 100

Giant Spider Web

Cost: 30 FV Dollars
Sell for: 3,000 coins
XP Gained: 600

Plus, Send This White Jack-O'-Lantern to Your Friends

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