FarmVille Crop Whisperer Update: Fertilize Your Friends Crops!


FarmVille has a brand new feature -- crop fertilizer. You can't buy the fertilizer, but randomly selected people will receive five bags of the fertilizer, per neighbor, per day. The bags will be rewarded when you complete a friend mission (helping them chase away raccoons, pull weeds, etc).

FarmVille Crop Whisperer Fertilizer
FarmVille Crop Whisperer Fertilizer

Once you've go fertilizer, you can then use it on your neighbor's farms. Fertilized crops will sparkle and look larger than normal, and will yield additional experience points when harvested.

We found this info on the Zynga boards (and haven't actually tried it out yet), but we're glad that there's more to do once you visit a friend's farm. If you find yourself in possession of fertilizer today -- please let us know what it's like in the comments below!

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