Playfish's Sale to EA Confirmed (Almost)

Rumors that EA has purchased social gaming company Playfish have been flying and two separate reliable industry insiders have confirmed that tongues are wagging over at Playfish about the sale. One of our anonymous sources also confirmed the $250 million price tag that EA paid for the company responsible for Pet Society, Restaurant City and more.

These rumors began circulating when EA COO John Pleasants told Paid Content, "We have huge regard for companies like Playfish," he said. "They don't have high customer acquisition costs and they're getting users to bite on micro-transactions from the start. So we're in investment mode, and we'll be announcing deals with companies that will be of note some time in the near future."

Even though official Playfish reps are staying tight-lipped -- "There's not much I can say on this other than it's simply a rumor and nothing more. Let me know if you have any additional questions," they told us -- we predict it's only a matter of time until we get the official word from on high.

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