Another Ikea Workaround

In addition to creative workarounds to pesky rental-property problems, the McGyver Files also has an appreciation for crafty home ideas and clever upcycling projects. Take, for example, this fabulous (and free!) bookcase-turned-bench spotted over at IkeaHacker.
User Annette snagged a discarded set of Ikea's ubiquitous "Lack" shelving, in good condition and with a gloss-white finish. Not in need of additional shelf space, she cleverly flipped the unit on its side to turn it into a low storage bench, perfect for an entryway, bedroom, or anywhere you could use some extra seating and bonus storage.

Her only investments were in a set of pre-fab chrome legs from the hardware store, and a few simple upholstery materials (fabric, foam, staples) to fashion a cushion.

Annette's brillant - and brilliantly executed - upcycling idea shows that with a little outside-the-box thinking, even freebies that you didn't know you wanted can be seamlessly incorporated into your home.


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