Cafe World's Cookbook Gets a New Look

Fans of Cafe World have fallen in love with the casual atmosphere of their cafes. Yet, calculating how much they'll make on the food they produce has been hotly debated since the amount sold during an hour depends more on the game's Buzz Rating (which indicates happy customers and the rate at which patrons frequent your establishment).

This morning, we noticed that the Cafe World team help players out by showing players reflect how many coins were earned per serving, replacing the simpler "Sells for" item. The design may also indicate some of the feedback Zynga has received about the game, as players may have no understood how much each item cost to make and a greater interest in total servings versus coins earned.

What other changes may come? We'd love to see Zynga add another option that indicates how many Cafe Points will be earned for each cooked item. Still, we wonder, what would you like to see change in Cafe World?

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