Rumor: Electronic Arts Snaps Up Playfish for $250 Million


Insider sources say that the game publisher Electronic Arts has written a big fat check for $250 million dollars and has purchased Playfish, the social gaming company responsible for Pet Society, Restaurant City, Country Story and more.

Playfish and EA are staying mum at the moment. "EA doesn't comment on rumors," an EA spokesperson told us.

Coincidentally, we recently asked a Mafia Wars senior producer when he thought EA might make a move to buy Zynga. "Not likely," he says.

At the same time, we've seen Electronic Arts employees jumping ship to work for social gaming developers. For instance, Brandon Barber, a former senior director of global online marketing at EA moved to Zynga (he has since left the company); so did Mike Verdu, who was EA LA's general manager. Playdom, another social gaming developer, has also been enticing EA employees to join their ranks.

Recently, EA's casual game studio, Pogo, launched a Facebook game called Pogo Puppies, so it's safe to assume EA is interested in this space, at least enough to put money behind a full-fledged social game. Also, if you think about Playfish's offering and the current offering: pairing these two together would make them the biggest power couple since Brad and Angelina.

[Via Silicon Valley Insider Via Inside Social Games]