Pet Society Killer? Pogo Puppies Arrives on Facebook


If there's anything that we need more of in games (and in life in general) it's adorable puppies. Pogo, the casual game label for Electronic Arts, apparently agrees and has quietly launched a new Facebook game called Pogo Puppies.

The game's premise is simple -- 'adopt' a puppy, take care of it and let it play with your friends pets as well. When you adopt a dog, you select which breed and customize some of its features. Then your puppy will head to its home where he can be fed, petted, washed and entertained with various activities. You can teach your puppy how to do tricks, play catch, compete in dog shows and play with other puppies in a park. You can also decorate your pet's house with furniture and other purchased at in-game stores.

Pogo Puppies actually seems very similar to Pet Society, except this is more puppy focused. The little dogs are adorable, and the game contains a decent selection of activities, so it doesn't seem like it'll fall into the trap other Facebook games do -- you start a game only to realize there's not really that much to do. Also worth noting, Pogo Puppies isn't aggressively pushing users to spend real-life cash to buy extras for the game, but we'd be surprised if that doesn't show up more in the near future.

We'll have more on Pogo Puppies soon; in the meantime, we have to go walk the dog.

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