New Motel 6 Marks the Beginning of a New Era in Budget Hotels

Courtesy Motel 6

Motel 6 is still "leaving the light on" for customers, only now it's using an eco-friendly bulb. The chain is the latest in a slew of budget-friendly hotels that are upgrading their properties in the interest of efficiency and design.

Motel 6 has been working for over a year on upgrading 50 of its current properties to include sustainable features like wood-effect flooring comprised of 80% pre-consumer recycled materials, low-flow toilets, wireless occupancy-sensing thermostats and energy-conserving lighting. In addition to all those eco-minded enhancements, the properties have been receiving a major dose of style.

Last week, the chain unveiled it's first newly-constructed "Phoenix" property in Roanoke, Texas. While the hotel contains many green improvements, the property also boasts a modern exterior and a fashion-forward interior. Priestmangoode, an award-winning design firm based in London, outfitted guestrooms with Euro-chic design elements that are both functional and thoughtful, while including luxuries like 32" flat-screen TVs, granite bathroom countertops, and comfortable settee areas–all while keeping the chain within reach of the budget-conscious at a very wallet-friendly $39.99 per night.

"As the first of its kind, this new property represents a big step for Accor in the continued growth and development of the Motel 6 brand," said Olivier Poirot, CEO, of Motel 6 in a recent press release. "We're happy to unveil the complete new look that guests can expect of Motel 6 as we continue our aggressive plans to implement this exciting new design and high standard of energy-efficiency.

Motel 6 isn't the only one who recognizes the need for inexpensive but responsibly stylish lodgings. The Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza recently underwent a $26 million renovation to become more energy efficient and more attractive. The overhaul included installing solar film on the guestroom windows as well introducing a more contemporary lobby. The massive makeover resulted in a major win for the property-they bagged the Renovation-of-the-Year award, an industry-wide prize awarded by the InterContinental Hotel Group. In spite of the improvements and accolades, rooms can still be booked for as little as $115 a night.

Other hotels, like aLoft and Hotel Indigo, continue to offer up five-star experiences at two-star prices–making them some of the best budget hotels around.

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