Washington National Named Best Airport in the U.S.

Washington National Airport has been named the USA's best airport by the people who know airports best: business travelers.

Now in its 12th year, the Conde Nast Traveler Business Travel Awards draws on the opinions of over 1,700 business travelers, who are asked to offer opinions on everything from airport navigation and design to culinary options and amenities. Survey participants rate the airports on each item on a scale ranging from "poor" to "excellent." Final scores represent the percentage of travelers who rated a particular airport as "excellent" or "very good."

When the scores were tallied, Conde Nast found that Ronald Reagan Washington National is the ultimate favorite amongst business travelers. Their score-52.7 on a 100 point scale-is mostly due to high marks in the "ease of access," "ease of connections," and "safety/security" categories.

Ease of access is pretty important, considering that an average of 51,000 people pass through Washington National's gates everyday (according to a Monthly Air Traffic Summary Report 1.6 million people traveled through the airport in August 2009 alone).

Rob Yingling, Media Relations Manager for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, said that when the newest terminal at Washington National was built in 1997, it opened to "rave reviews." As for ease of access, he explained "the airport itself is located conveniently to Washington DC and accessible by major roadways," and that "a Metro station is connected directly to the terminal."

A close second to Washington National was Portland International, which earned a score of 52.5. The runner-up marked higher than their Washington counterpart in the "customs/baggage," "food," and "design," categories. Also making the top-five domestic airports are Tampa, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Orlando.

Long Beach Airport scored a shameful 11.1 in the "food" category, but still made it into the top ten due to the best overall ratings in the "ease of connections" and "customs/baggage" categories.

The final results for the Top 10 Domestic Airports are as follows:
Washington, D.C. (Reagan) 52.7
Portland, Oregon 52.5
Tampa 49.0
Minneapolis-St. Paul 47.3
Orlando 47.3
Salt Lake City 45.5
Long Beach 45.3
San Diego 44.5
Las Vegas (McCarran) 44.4
Pittsburgh 41.6
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International airports were also rated by business travelers, out-scoring all domestic airports. Singapore Changi International Airport tops the list, with an impressive score of 83.2 out of 100. International road warriors also favored Chep Lap Kok in Hong Kong and Schiphol in Amsterdam.

The final results for the Top 10 International Airports are as follows:
Singapore (Changi) 83.2
Hong Kong (Chep Lap Kok) 72.6
Amsterdam (Schiphol) 63.5
Zurich 62.4
Vancouver 58.0
Copenhagen 55.1
Munich 54.8
Seoul (Incheon) 54.7
Tokyo (Narita) 54.6
Berlin (Tegel) 54.5
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