Perez Hilton's Sidekick agony: Microsoft Danger failure bursts a million clouds


Are you a T-Mobile customer who's lost all your data thanks to the recent epic failure of Microsoft's computer systems? Well, there may be hope. After one of the most embarrassing episodes in recent tech history -- when it looked like over a million T-Mobile customers had lost their personal information -- the mobile phone company now says it may be able to recover some of the lost data.

But the damage has already been done, and not just to the reputations of T-Mobile, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom (DT), and Microsoft (MSFT), but to the growing movement called "cloud computing," in which most data is stored on remote servers far from your PC or cell phone. While many tech Svengalis call cloud computing the future of the industry, the repeated failure of cloud systems threatens to delay or seriously harm that prospect.

As noted Hollywood blogger and longtime Sidekick loyalist Perez Hilton recently observed: "That is unacceptable!!!!!!!"