Jami Bernard's Ad Rant: Why would you want it in the can?

In our newest column, film critic, author and book doctor Jami Bernard will take a look at advertising - commercials, billboards, social media campaigns and print ads - and weighs in on the best and worst of the bunch. Check out her video rant, and tell us what you think.

This week, we look at Bud Light Lime's new campaign called "In the Can," in which everyday people utter suggestive lines about getting it, yes, you guessed it, "in the can." Has the attempt to create buzz-worthy ads in the hope that they will go viral gone too far? Perhaps the age of the sexual ad has finally passed as consumers simply look the other way when one of these productions airs on the TV or the Web.

Jami Bernard is an author, film critic, book doctor and media consultant based in New York. She has published eight books, thousands of newspaper and magazine articles (no, really!), and is a keynote speaker and frequent TV and radio guest. She leads Barncat's online Master Workshops and also teaches writing and editing at mediabistro. Jami is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows, and has been interviewed by Oprah, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, Geraldo Rivera, Montel Williams, more. She has written for numerous magazines, including Entertainment Weekly, Seventeen, Glamour and Self. She has appeared in documentaries as herself, including on the Independent Film Channel's Indie Sex series, on which she was a consultant. Bernard wrote a Lois Lane comic for DC Comics in which Lois is based on Bernard's early career at The New York Post.
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