Cheaper than ever to name a building for charity

Donor bricksThere's a fire sale on naming buildings across the country. Wait, strike that, fire sale might not be the best phrase to describe naming a new library or outpatient wing; perhaps "clearance on immortality at charities nationwide" is a better fit.

Over the last year, thanks to the economy; we've lost close to 100 billionaires, 18.5% of our millionaires and the number of gifts of more than a million dollars have been cut in half. According to Bloomberg, this is the reason that numerous charities are in the process of scaling back the donation amount required to name a building and giving donors more time to pay off pledges.
Traditionally, the required donation to get your name etched in stone on the front of a building would require 50% of the actual cost of building, but right now you can get these incredible deals.
  • $500,000 discount to name a cardiac intensive care unit.
  • Previous donors can place their name on the zoo's entrance boardwalk for 20% off of the normal donation amount..
  • Longer repayment periods on smaller naming gifts.
But wait. There's More. There are also price reductions on smaller scale naming gifts and there are extended payment schedules. If you wish to immortalize your name on a locker, bench or tree, the trickle-down effect will help you carve your mark into history at a discounted rate.

You might ask why charities are cutting their naming amounts when they desperately need money to complete much-needed building projects, but the answer is simple. If they wait until the economy, and stock portfolios, recover, they will have missed out on helping the people that they serve.

And if you call right now, not only will you name your first building at a discount, but we'll also throw in an extra order of Warm and Fuzzy Feelings™ at no extra charge!
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