Three Factory Workers Fired for Playing Facebook Game

Image credit: istockphoto
Image credit: istockphoto

Add Facebook games to the growing list of technology that can get you fired from your job. This week, three factory workers in Taiwan were canned after busted playing Happy Farm on Facebook during work hours. This purportedly happened after employees were warned not to look at sites that unrelated to their jobs, but these three were too engrossed with their virtual farms to follow those rules.

Happy Farm, a farming simulation game along the lines of FarmVille, is one of the most popular online games in Taiwan, with 3.3 million active users, according to the Taipei Times.

I'm also sure, like FarmVille and the rest of these games, that Happy Farm is insanely addicting, and we totally understand why someone would try to sneak in a few minutes to harvest some crops during work. The moral of this story? If you have to play, make sure you don't get caught.

[Via CNET Asia]