Quiz: Are You Satisfied by Your Job?


The average American spends a lot of time at work -- more than 1800 hours a year -- but do you love your job or are you frequently daydreaming about being somewhere (or anywhere) else?

A lot of things play a role in your job satisfaction besides the actual work itself. Your emotions, skills, financial needs and performance are just some of the factors that make or break a job.

Remember: Not everyone loves every aspect of their job. It's a matter of finding strong positive points that you can focus on. If you feel like you don't have any positive aspects of your work that you can hone in on or your work is making you feel physically ill on a regular basis, re-start the search and find a job that will kick your negativity and give you challenges and sense of value you need to like what you do for a living.

Take this quiz to find out how satisfied you are with your career: