New Michael Jackson song debuts online

new-michael-jackson-song-debuts-onlineWell, that didn't take long: The King of Pop has been gone for less than four months, and an unreleased Michael Jackson track is already available online.

This Is It features backing vocals from Jackson's brothers. According to Bloomberg, "The single was planned as the theme of Jackson's sold-out "This Is It" concerts that would have started this July in London's O2 Arena."

It's available free on Michael Jackson's website (and it's embeddable -- listen to it here), but of course there's more: It will also be the title track for the two-disc retrospective that Sony will release later this month. That album is available on Amazon for pre-order at $9.99 and serves as "stand-alone companion to the motion picture and includes a 36-page, commemorative booklet featuring exclusive photos of Michael from his last rehearsal."

The documentary This Is It will open in limited release in theaters on Oct. 27 and will also be available on DVD. The documentary features footage of Jackson rehearsing for the tour that he was set to grudgingly embark on as part of a plan to repay his creditors.

If all of this seems a bit crass, that's because it is. In the final months of his life, Jackson was a sick drug addict who had been coerced into a concert tour to pay off his creditors -- a tour that he didn't want to do and wasn't physically prepared for. If he'd been in rehab instead of preparing to perform, he might still be alive. Now, the tour that contributed to his death is being glorified with a self-serving documentary and CD companion.

I'll make a prediction here: The public will see this creepiness for what it is, and the DVD and CD sales will fall well short of promoters' expectations.
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