Mafia Wars Tip: How to Build a Stronger, Smaller Mafia

Building your mafia's Fight Strength is difficult early in your Mafia Wars career. In our experience, newer players tend to spend their cash on buildings and padding their bank accounts. However, as the stakes (and your level) gets higher, fighting starts to play a bigger part in advancing your Mafia Wars standing.

Fighting back against a bigger mafia requires a balance of leveling up, buying powerful weapons, armor and vehicles for your thugs. For instance, every member of our 97 member mafia has the best that money can buy in New York. A Tommy Gun, one Body Armor and a Town Car for each member sucked our bank account dry, but it was the only way to add attack or defensive numbers to our mafia. The lesson is: make sure every member of your mafia is protected with body armor and armed with the most powerful weapons/vehicles available -- it's a worthwhile investment.

When your mafia moves to Cuba (and your New York bank account doesn't come with you), we discovered that in addition to scoring cigars and rum, weapons purchased there will continue to solidify your mafias attack and defensive abilities. So while we feared that we had maxxed out both attack and defense numbers in New York, Cuba can be instrumental in growing your mafia's abilities, even when its small.
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