Cafe World Celebrates 10 Million Chefs

Cafe World Celebratexs 10 Million Players
Cafe World Celebratexs 10 Million Players

Last Thursday, Zynga's Cafe World celebrated a major milestone with 8.6 million active players, a huge achievement for a game that's only been around for less than two weeks. Today, the game celebrated its next milestone, 10 million active players.

Of course, the road to fame hasn't been perfect. The massive influx of players has strained the game's service and players have complained about not being able to connect to their cafes, or re-connecting after an outage only to find that they're faced with spoiled food. Still, even with the connection issues, Cafe World's popularity seems destined for McDonald's-like food fame.

As the game is still in beta (which means that the game is not finished yet), players might still see several issues with connectivity as Zynga copes with its popularity, or as it stated on its Facebook page this afternoon, "We're working around the clock to keep up with all you chefs."