Cafe World Buzz Rating FAQ


Success in Zynga's Facebook game Cafe World largely depends on your restaurant's Buzz Rating in the game. The Buzz Rating sits at the top right-hand side of the screen (as seen in the image below), and is a measure of your restaurant's fame. The higher the number, the more people will pile into your restaurant at the same time, turning up the heat on your profit potential. We compiled a list of common questions about the Buzz Rating and answered them below.

How do I increase my Cafe World Buzz Rating?
You increase your Buzz Rating by successfully serving every person who comes into the door. Customers will leave if they have to wait too long to eat or if there's no room at your tables. You can make sure that doesn't happen by adding waiters, tables and make sure you have enough food stockpiled to keep your customers happy.

How do happy/unhappy customers affect my Buzz Rating exactly?

Below is a chart of what makes customers unhappy. Essentially, one unhappy customer can negate the points from 10 happy customers, so do whatever it takes to keep your customers satisfied.

- One satisfied customer: + 0.1 Buzz point
- Customer can't find a seat: - 1.0 Buzz point
- Customer doesn't get served in time: - 1.0 Buzz point
- Customer sits at a table with an empty plate = - 1.0 Buzz point

When I'm out of food, my Buzz Rating goes down. How do I avoid that?

When you've got hot pots cooking and hungry customers streaming in and out of the restaurant -- it's best to close up shop while everything cooks to keep your Buzz Rating from dropping. You can do that by dragging the doors off the restaurant (once you do that all of the customers will disappear), then replace them when you want to re-open. You can also just buy some extra chairs to set in front of the doors, which will prevent customers from entering until you want to remove them.

What's the highest Buzz Rating I can have?

Right now the highest buzz rating is 105.

Do you have any additional Buzz Rating tips? Let us know in the comments below!