A new Genesee generation? Brewer sets out to remind consumers in campaign


Remember Genesee? Maybe not. The name might ring a bell with older beer drinkers -- especially those living in or near its home field of upstate New York -- but these consumers may wonder whatever happened to brands like Iron City, Schlitz, and the Rochester-based Genesee Brewing Co. Genesee's new owner, North American Breweries, wants to fix that not only by reminding consumers that the brand is still strong, but reaching out to a new younger generation of Genny drinkers with a marketing campaign early next year.

Genny is just one of several older brands that NAB wants to boost, according to Peter Bodenham, its VP of marketing. Others include Seagram's Escapes, which NAB is licensing from Pernod Ricard USA; Genesee's line of Dundee craft beers; and Labatt USA, he says.