Don't Wait for a Tornado to Go Green

Tiny Kansas town Greenburg (pop. 900) is making news as it rebuilds itself green. The town was destroyed after a May 2007 tornado. In fact, The New York Times reports it has not one but several LEED certified buildings, ranging from a new Arts Center to City Hall, to even a brand-new townhouse apartment building.

You don't have to suffer through a tornado to incorporate a greener lifestyle. Just adding window shades is one small step you can take to make your apartment more energy-efficient. Here are three fabulous options. Each have their own distinctive "green" benefit.

Window Shades Using Man-made Materials

Sheer beauty combines with functional technology with these shades by Hunter Douglas. They are PVC-free and made from recyclable Greenscape fabric. There are over 100 color options available. These are a great solution if you're searching for a sheer window treatment that allows light yet gives you privacy.

Green benefit? These shades are recyclable and don't produce chemical off-gassing.

Window Shades of Reeds and Grasses

The casual elegance and simple sophistication of window shades made of woods, reeds, and grasses is timeless. Natural materials mean that there are variations in texture and grain, including slight cracks and small knots. Choose from a variety of colors at Blindsgalore.

Green benefit? Natural shades are harvested from quickly renewable resources such as bamboo, grasses, and jute reeds.

Window Shades of Hemp

Stronger than cotton, hemp makes a heavy-duty window shade. Shown here is a shade from Earthshade that reminds me of a beach cottage.

Green benefit? Also sourced from a renewable resource.

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