The McGyver Files: Spicy Rack!

Amy of Old Sweet Song blog crafted up a sweet solution to an all-too-common problem: spice storage. There never seems to be a perfect place to store all of those little bottles and jars, particularly in a small-scale kitchen. Read on to see Amy's clever use of some otherwise dead space.
She mounted the spices underneath her cabinets! With a couple of metal rulers, a set of magnetic spice containers, some sticker paper, and super-strong glue, she rigged up an adorable system to keep her spices organized, accessible, and away from heat and light (major flavor-killers).

Odds are, a similar hack could be cooked up for less money by sourcing some metal stripping from the hardware store (most are willing to cut materials to size for you), and gluing magnets to generic screw-top storage tins. Give it a try and let us know how you customized the idea!

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