High Entry-Level Salaries

Last month, I wrote a post about 50 jobs that pay $50,000 or more and a lot of you commented that you wanted to see jobs that pay that amount at the entry level.

I did some detective work and found 20 jobs whose entry-level salaries range from $41,000 to $77,000 a year. Compare these to the national mean of $41,231 for all workers and that's a nice chunk of change for starting out in a new career.

One thing to keep in mind: While there are jobs that pay well at the entry-level, that pay is usually related to education. If you want a high starting salary, you'll have to do your homework ... literally. Certifications, post-secondary education and baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate degrees are usually needed for these jobs.

Here are 20 jobs with high entry-level salaries, according to SalaryExpert.com, which powers CBSalary.com:

1. ERI Specialist

Industry: Health care

Annual salary: $41,680

2. Scientific Artist

Industry:Health care

Annual salary:$43,053

3. Veterans Service Officer

Industry:Health care

Annual salary: $44,319

4. Developmental Psychologist

Industry:Health care

Annual salary:$45,241

5. Medical Social Researcher

Industry:Health care

Annual salary: $47,594

6. Product Marketing Engineer

Industry: Engineering

Annual salary:$53,156

7. Compensation Analyst

Industry:Health care

Annual salary:$54,568

8. Industrial Health Engineer


Annual salary:$54,716

9. Sales Engineering Agent


Annual salary:$55,693

10. Marine Engineering Machinist


Annual salary:$58,177

11. Athlete Agent


Annual salary:$59,879

12. e-Commerce Business Analyst


Annual salary: $60,022

13. Hydraulic Engineer


Annual salary:$60,729

14. Systems Administrator

Industry: IT

Annual salary: $63,209

15. Industrial Engineer


Annual salary:$65,600

16. Computer Information Scientist


Annual salary:$65,624

17. Web Developer


Annual salary:$66,861

18. MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)


Annual salary:$71,935

19. Systems Analyst Lead

Industry: IT

Annual salary: $74,518

20. Software Developer

Industry: IT

Annual salary: $77,511

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