Halloween Game of the Day: Zombie Bowl-O-Rama


Halloween time is one of our favorite times of the year for several reasons: mountains of candy corn, an excuse to wear silly outfits and an influx of spooky games, such as the addictive Zombie Bowl-O-Rama from Mumbo Jumbo.

In this pick-up-and-play bowling game, the goal is to knock down shuffling zombies using a bowling ball. In the single-player version of the game, your bowling skills are put to the test by a computer-controlled opponent, and the goal is to end the game with the highest score.

Zombie Bowl-O-Rama also includes power-ups, called "tricks" or "treats," that will either help you or disrupt your opponent. Some of our favorite tricks include one called 'Animal Magnetism' which makes a giant werewolf emerge from the floor and blow the other guy's balls into the gutter. As for the 'treats,' we liked the Brain Ball, a brain that you roll down the lane and it explodes on contact, as well as the Pinball, a silver ball that ricochets from zombie to zombie.

To bowl in the game, you click down on the left mouse button and push the mouse forward -- then let go to send the ball whizzing down the lane. You still have a tiny bit of control over how fast the ball moves and where it goes while it's in motion, making it easier to avoid traps or pick up power-ups en route to the collection of zombies at the end.

There's a two-player mode in the game, where the two players can take turns using the mouse to bowl, in addition to a freeplay mode that unlocks after you complete the single-player mode. The game's visuals look a little rough around the edges (literally), but that shouldn't stand in the way of how much fun you'll have playing this unique (and mildly creepy) bowling game for Halloween. Try the game free for an hour or buy the full version for $20.

Download Zombie Bowl-O-Rama now >


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