13 ways to save at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom


You could argue that if Walt Disney World went belly-up tomorrow, the National Parks system would have to take it over. It means that much to modern American society.

Some 17 million people visit its original park, the Magic Kingdom, every year, and visiting a Disney park is an essential part of childhood that many of us share.

But, Jiminy Cricket, is it expensive! A one-day adult pass is now a blistering $84, and parking is $14, so saving money in every other department is critical.

But what would you say if once you got through the gates, WalletPop could show you how to get a lunch of a huge, wobbling hamburger and a gooey ice cream cookie sandwich for a total of $5.75 per person? What if we showed you where you could play games for $1 and how you can find free one-of-a-kind souvenirs?

This month, for the Magic Kingdom's 38th birthday, WalletPop's Jason Cochran hit the theme park on a steaming hot day, guerrilla-style, armed with with a video camera and an eye for savings. Cochran, the author of a guide book to Disney and Orlando, spent the day digging up and documenting savings tips that you can take with you on your next vacation.

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