Vector City Racers Brings Social Racing to Boys


Boys want to be social in their web games too, but with so many girl-focused options, there are few places to play. That's what Vector Entertainment's CEO (and father of two boys) says was the motivation for creating Vector City Racers, a web browser-based game that's primarily designed for 6-12 year old boys but with simple keyboard controls, even adults and girls can race through its brightly colored streets, picking up trophies, and power-ups.

Courses, viewed from a bird's eye view, stretch from casual cruising vistas to big ramp jumps and cover 13 stylized cities that offer escalating challenges as the player completes quests and races. Rather than just make it a solo gaming experience, players can compete against and chat with other racers in a kid-safe environment that keeps the language clean and the conversation focused on racing.

While playing the Vector City Racing is free, paid subscribers get access to car upgrades that they can use in the Mod Shop, a Vector City Racers comic book, access to exclusive areas and a monthly allowance to buy in-game items. Subscriptions start from a single racer account starting at $4.95 monthly and moving up to a full year family account for $99.99.