The doctor will see you now . . . online: American Well powers virtual visits

We're already totally comfortable using the Web to pay bills, shop for books, look for mates and reveal to the world our darkest secrets -- checked out PostSecret lately? So are we ready to go online to talk to a doctor about our migraines and our leaky bladders? If you ask digital-consultations provider American Well, the answer is apparently yes.

In January, the Boston-based outfit's service went live in Hawaii, offering physician appointments by phone, secure chat and video-conferencing to the state's 1.3 million residents through the Hawaii Medical Service Association. (Health plan members pay $10 to use the service while non-members can "see" a doctor virtually for $45). Then in April, insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield announced the American Well-powered virtual clinic would be available to 10,000 employees and their families in Minnesota. Since then, American Well has inked more deals.