Shopping the (newly toned-down) Neiman's Christmas Book


The philosophy behind the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has always been simple: if you can (or can't) dream it, they'll find it, price it, and honest-to-God offer to sell it to you, whether it's an exotic safari or a priceless bauble.

Here's how recession respect gets interpreted in something as fanciful as this catalog -- for the first time, the selections do not include any items or experience that cost north of $1 million. The most expensive thing for sale is a jet and pilot training package for two, which costs a mere $250,000.

If you're looking to shop the catalog a bit more frugally, consider one of the book's lower-end offerings: a $3,225 red velvet coat, a $175 iPhone case or or a $3,300 crystal tree.

And go ahead and table those million-and-up gifts until the next holiday season -- after all, it's the thought that counts.