Restaurant City New Items: Brain Jar, Mushroom Table and More


Things are getting trippy in Restaurant City this week. 'How?' you ask. New items this week include Super Mario Bros. inspired- mushroom tables and chairs, a few more commonplace items like a big grey fireplace and red sink, and, our favorite new addition, the Brain Jar. It's a big jar with a brain floating in liquid which costs 15 PlayFish dollars (roughly $2.75), and purportedly attracts zombies to your restaurant.

We hope they attract zombies that are big tippers -- we could use the extra cash.

Find the complete list of new Restaurant City items below:

Mushroom Table
1100 coins

Mushroom Chair
800 coins

Grey Fireplace
2,300 coins

White Classic Fireplace
1150 coins

Green Locker

700 coins

Red Sink
2,000 coins

Black Basin Cabinet
4,000 coins