Free Halloween Games for Kids


The fall's best holiday doesn't always have to be about candy, costumes and frightful affairs. For kids, celebrating the season doesn't have to be scary either since the web is full of Halloween games that are fun, adventure-filled and won't give them nightmares. Here's a snapshot of six games that ditch the blood and killing and highlight everything you love about October 31.

Save Ed

Molly and Tom brave a haunted house to rescue their friend Ed, who was taken by a band of Halloween baddies. Armed with a flashlight to see and garlic, players use the arrow keys to direct the duo through the house, picking up the life-giving garlic, extra batteries and keys that help them unlock doors that get them close to Ed. This adventure does have ghosts and ghouls but they're not very scary, they just wander around stealing your garlic... when you run out, the duo runs out of the house!

Halloween Smash

Always wanted to play a Halloween-themed version of Bejeweled? Well Halloween Smash is a simpler version of the gem-popping game with candy corn, witches, skulls and bats in place of the regular brightly colored gems. While it has a timer, it's a good spooky-free way for kids to pass the time.