FarmVille Cheats & Tips: Quick Guide to Topiaries


When you log into FarmVille on October 8 (today), you'll find that a few limited edition topiaries have been added to the store. Right now there are six topiaries in all, though, when you buy one of these comely shrubberies, the messaging says there will be 13 in all. We assume that means Zynga's creative team will be rolling out more in the near future.

All of the topiaries are in the shape of animals; three can be purchased with coins you earn while playing the game, and the other three require FarmVille dollars, which means you'll have to shell out extra real-life cash to own one of these beauties. Right now the topiaries are for decoration, not for harvesting. Not sure what you would harvest from a topiary anyway -- a smaller topiary?

Below is a list of all six topiaries and their prices, dollar value and experience points. Happy decorating!

Cow Topiary

Price: 300 coins
Sell for: 15 coins
Exp: 5

Pig Topiary

Price: 1,500 coins
Sell for: 75 coins
Exp: 15