Cafe World Goes from Zero to 8.6 Million in a Week


Earlier this week, we were placing bets on how soon Zynga's Cafe World would blow past FarmVille in terms of popularity. If the past week is any indication of the restaurant game's success, then my coworkers will soon be handing over a big chunk of change.

As of today, Cafe World has 8.6 million active users, says Inside Social Games. One week ago, it had zero players. Now it has ... 8.6 million.

To put these numbers into perspective, Restaurant City -- another restaurant simulation game from Playfish -- has 16.2 million users, and that launched at the end of April, nearly six months ago. If the Cafe World boom continues as this rate, we can expect this game to beat out FarmVille (with 55 million active users) in a matter of weeks.

[Via Inside Social Games]

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