Burger King makeover: Fast food profits off franchisees' whopping costs


Following in the footsteps of its innovative Whopper Bar, Burger King (BKC) has announced it's launching an extensive interior renovation of its 12,000 restaurant locations. The new design, codenamed "20/20," draws design cues from both traditional diners and the Korova Milk Bar in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

Sporting a white-and-red color scheme, it features large video menus, flame chandeliers, and corrugated menu walls. Sleekly futuristic, the new look is intended to convey a sanitary, forward-looking, cohesive style that will visually link all Burger Kings.



Edgy Burger King 20/20 Design

Burger King's new "20/20" restaurant design on view in the Houston suburb of Spring, Texas, on Oct. 5. 2009. The new design features industrial metal, brick walls and a flame chandelier.


Paul Sakuma, AP

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