Want playoff tickets? They're cheaper this year!


If you're hoping to score some Major League Baseball playoff tickets, there's good news: The recession has made them cheaper.

The Wall Street Journal
reports (subscription required) that "As of Monday, fans around the country seem to have decided that a Division Series ticket isn't worth what it once was. In New York, pre-series selling prices for the Yankees have dropped 14%, to an average $170 this year from $198 before the 2007 Division Series against the Indians. If those prices hold, they'll be down 19% from the final series average from two years ago."

Ticket re-sellers have large inventories of tickets available -- suggesting that they're overstocked and may continue dropping prices as it gets closer to game time.

Pre-sale prices for L.A. Dodgers tickets are 50% lower than the team's 2008 prices and even Red Sox tickets are off $10 to $167 per ticket.

Year over year comparisons in ticket prices aren't completely reliable because there are other variables -- mainly the popularity of the home team's opponent. A Red Sox vs. Yankees match-up will always command higher prices than a Twins vs. Yankees series.

If you're one of the handful of people who actually has enough extra cash to buy playoff tickets, check out StubHub.com for competitive prices.

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