Waiter who gets stiffed by 'Hung' star pays with his job


As lowly a career as waiting on tables can be at times, it does have its perks, especially if you happen to work in parts of Los Angeles where the stars mingle and dine. But sometimes even that can backfire on you, as in the unfortunate case of Jon-Barrett Ingels, who had the misfortune of serving Hung star Jane Adams at the Barney Greengrass restaurant in Beverly Hills where he was employed until just a few weeks ago.

The key words are "was employed," since Ingels, 31, no longer works there. Here's what happened, according to the Los Angeles Times' Brand X blog: A few weeks back, Adams dropped into the swanky bistro for soup and lemonade. But went it came time to pay the bill, it became apparent that something was amiss. As Adams, feverishly fished through her purse, she realized, "I left my wallet in my car!" Ingels recalled Adams saying."I'm so sorry!"