Desktop Defender Launches on Facebook


The popular PC game Desktop Tower Defense has arrived on Facebook. The new socialized version of the game is called Desktop Defender, and, for the most part, it plays like the original with a few welcome upgrades.
Desktop Defender, created by the Casual Collective, is set on the top of a desk and your goal is to place mini-towers that shoot projectiles to shoot down waves of tiny critters called 'creeps.' The creeps get progressively more difficult to eliminate as the levels progress, which means you need to beef up your defenses to keep the little buggers at bay.

Some notable changes to the game include an overall more friendly vibe with bright graphics and easy to understand instructions. A new store lets you spend coins (gifted by friends) to upgrade your towers or special power-ups designed to slow down the swarms of creeps. Challenge Facebook friends to beat your score and, when they accept, their image and score will appear at the bottom of the page creating a dynamic leaderboard.

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