Cafe World Update Coming Tonight!

If you've b

een obsessively watching pots in Zynga's new restaurant game Cafe World, get ready to spend a little time out of the kitchen.

On Wednesday, October 7, the restaurant simulation game will go dark for roughly an hour to allow the team to install new updates. The blackout will start at 11:55 PM Pacific (Thursday 6:55 a.m. GMT, Thursday 2:55 p.m. Singapore/Hong Kong).

Most importantly, the Zynga Facebook page warns, "get those servings off the stove before then!" Don't want to ruin the shrimp cocktail or fruit salad, amiright?

We've contacted Zynga for an update to what we might see post the blackout period. Looking at the official Cafe World forums we've seen requests for better clothes, new meals and more decorations for the cafe. We also noticed that there's some kind of gifting feature and (what looks like) a ribbon-based reward system a la FarmVille marked as 'coming soon' in the game as well.

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