Mafia Wars Moscow: Exclusive Sneak Peek at Episodes 3 & 4


On Thursday, October 8, Mafia Wars Moscow will get a little bit bigger with the launch of two new add-ons: Episode 3: Bragadir and Episode 4: Avtoritet.

In Episodes 1 and 2, which were initially released with the Mafia Wars Moscow expansion -- you took up smuggling and drug running (depending on which Russian mafia faction you joined), now it's time to move on to more high-profile operations.

In Episode 3, you'll take on the Moscow Financial System, pulling off a heist of the RossijaBanc Central Repository. Then you'll work your way toward this episode's boss -- bank president Gregor Belikov. Let's just assume there's not going to be a bail-out package for this banking fat cat (see image below). Two new loot items in this episode include the Taiga Combat Shotgun and the Ex-KGB bodyguard.

Episode 4 will take you deep into the Russian military where you'll work with the Vory or the Mafiya to take down the corrupt General Osipov. Use your mafia members and major firepower to defeat the General and his commanders. New items in this episode include the Orel Armored Helicopter and the Razoritel Grenade Launcher.

Reminder: you will need to be at least level 70 to access any episode in Mafia Wars Moscow. Happy hunting.

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