Halloween Cat Bowling Coughs Up Mental Candy


Since the calendar rolled around to October 1, our brains have marked down the 30 days until Halloween. So who would blame us for hunting down games that feature spooky themes. Cat Bowling, which first kicked off in 2001, just opened the doors to its latest creation, a Halloween-themed game where you use pumpkins to bowl down white felines, as a cackling witch laughs at your missed efforts.

Rather than focus on controlling the left, right and forward motions of the pumpkin balls, an arrow at the bottom of the screen rotates left or right. Hit the spacebar at the right time and you make take out all 10 cats. As always, bowling cats for points has never been more fun (especially for cat haters). And of course, Brand Extract, the creators of the game assure players that "No animals were injured during the making of this game. They were... spared."

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