Cool, New Eco-Gadgets

Who says that "going back to nature" can't include some really neat tech gadgets? Here are three gadgets sure to improve your corner of the world and still fit into your apartment. These tech gadgets address three specific environmental concerns: electricity usage; soil fertility; and air quality.

Compost Made Easy!
Nature Mill's Compost Made Easy! is a device for your kitchen that processes up to 120 lbs of food waste into rich compost. No need to worry about odor because the machine comes with a carbon filter and notifies you when the compost is ready to be emptied. You can add your compost to your houseplants or container garden. Or, donate your compost to your local community garden or urban farm. No need for earthworms!

Curious to know how much your computer is costing you every week, month, or year? What about other electronics throughout your apartment? Reducing electricity usage saves you money as well as reduce dirty coal emissions that contribute to climate change.

The Kill-A-Watt gadget by P3 International is surprisingly technical. It measures volts, watts, amps, hertz, and kilowatt-hours. Most importantly, however, you can plug in how much you're paying for electricity and then measure how much a particular item is costing you. The Kill-A-Watt P4460 retails for approximately $35. Depending on electric rates in your area this device will pay for itself quickly.

Air Filtering Light Bulb
Yes, you read that correctly. Purely Anion's Energy Efficient Negative Ion Light Bulb works two ways: first, as an energy-saving CFL, and secondly, as an air filter. The manufacturer claims that this light bulb also filters second hand smoke, pet dander, allergens, dust, mites, and negative ions to boot. Bulbs range from $19-$32.

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