All hail the new (Yuppie) communists


You've found your tribe, your BFFs. But would you live with them? Co-working is one thing, but co-living? Apparently, even freshly scrubbed hipster cum yuppies are discovering communes, except these communes aren't in Haight-Ashbury but Los Angeles and are being dubbed "cul de sac communes."

It's not hard to see the attraction (to the commune, not your new roommates.) In theory, you save lots of money: a larger rental, maybe even in a more desirable part of town. Shared purchasing power also results in savings on everyday items from food to toilet paper.

Communal living provides tangible economic benefits from sharing chores like cleaning or childcare (particularly for single and roommate-paired apartment dwellers that already pay for these services). And then there are the intangible benefits of daily social interaction--well, it's arguably better (or cheaper) than a therapist.

Of course, communes have waxed and waned in popularity since the 10th century--it can't have been all bad since then, notwithstanding the hippies. Whether you call them intentional communities, communal living, or co-housing, clearly communes are a concept whose time has come (and come) again. And with new web-based resources such as Wecommune, the new communism is getting easier and easier--even for bona fide capiitalists.