The pistachio aims to bring sexy back

The pistachio industry wants to get nut lovers' minds off salmonella and onto sex.

Pistachios took a big publicity hit last year when 2 million pounds of the greenish nut had to be recalled due to salmonella contamination.

Now, as USA Today reports, the industry is striking back with a grabby campaign that casts the pistachio alongside winking innuendos ("Mobsters do it with muscle") and C-list celebrities like Adrienne Curry, Chris Knight and the curiously ubiquitous Levi Johnston. (One slightly creepy short stars the five-year-old Denny quintuplets hopping around on bouncy balls as the voice over proclaims that "Quintuplets do it with balance." See the behind the scenes video at the end of the story)
The ads don't attempt to portray the nut as an aphrodisiac, but they do tell viewers that pistachios are the nut with the lowest calories and fat -- in other words, marketers are reminding shoppers that eating pistachios certainly won't hurt the way they look naked.

Whether the promos can put a sexy sales increase on the pistachio's books remains to be seen. But the nut's corporate handlers aren't the only ones who stand to make money off the ads. At (where you can watch all the video spots), viewers are invited to write and shoot their own version of the bawdy ads. The grand prize is $25,000.

But entrants shouldn't go too wild -- the fine print stipulates that any videos deemed "inappropriate for publication or viewing" will be disqualified. So think PG-13 rather than XXX, and remember: the only nuts on display should be the pistachio.
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