Pet Society Tips, Restaurant City Secrets and What's Next for Playfish Games


Wondering how to catch rare fish in Pet Society, or curious what the arcades in Restaurant City are for? We grilled Playfish COO Sebastien de Halleux for secrets on their company's popular Facebook games during last week's podcast. He even dropped a few hints about project they're working on now, including more efforts to bring Playfish games to mobile devices.

Pet Society Tips

- Try different kinds of bait when fishing. You never know what crazy kind of fish you'll end up with.

- An unannounced feature that only a few users have figured out: you can purchase a light switch in the DIY shop, then turn off the lights and play in the dark. Certain items are 'luminous' and will glow in the dark, as well.

- Poo has become a status symbol in Pet Society, since it's not an item you can buy in stores. As Sebastien told us, "People collect poo, they have shelf cabinets with all the poos arranged, and it's really a status about how dedicated you are." Gold and Rainbow Poo is extremely rare (almost one in a million chance of getting the latter), and they've become extremely valuable to have.

Read on for Restaurant City tips and more on Playfish's next moves >

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