Next day air package takes 14 years to deliver


A businessman named Paul, who mailed a package using next day air service from UPS, found out 14 years later the package never got there, according to a report on The Consumerist.

Well, he probably knew that was the case, and 14 years earlier he probably sent replacement materials, but he wasn't able to find out what was actually in the package.

The package arrived empty and damaged. It was torn open and the contents were missing. Paul reports he has no idea what was in the package and his records for customers 14 years ago are long gone. He said the only way he could even tell the age of the package was that it had his company's shipping number and company label on the damaged package. In fact the address for the shipment was his home address from which he ran the business at the time.

What's really incredible is that the UPS tracked down the business to its current location, which has changed numerous times, just to deliver an empty, damaged package. UPS even offered to pay a claim on the package, but there's one big problem. Paul needs to know what was in the package before he can file a claim and he has no idea given the package is so old.