iPhone plus Ikea = Smart iDea

Anything that makes it easier to get through flat-pack retailer Ikea with your budget and at least part of your weekend still intact is a good thing, right? These two Scandanavian-furniture-loving software developers sure thought so. Prepare to put down your Ikea golf pencil forever in favor of these two genius-y iPhone apps:
Basically a digital version of the familiar Ikea-provided shopping list. Spaces to enter item name, price, and location - but also other important info like notes, photos, and where the item falls on your priority list. Maybe most importantly, SwedeShop provides a budget tracker, subtracting each item's price out of your total allowance and alerting you when you've gone over-budget.

Seems to have a similar tool-set as SwedeShop, but with a slightly different interface. Still includes budget tracking, which is especially key when navigating those final 50 yards to the checkout area, littered with too-cheap-to-resist tchotchkes and bric-a-brac!

Now go forth and shop smartly. With the help of these two clever apps, you should even have enough left over for a vanilla cone and a plate of meatballs.

Via IkeaHacker. Take some extra help from Ikea before you even get to the store, with their online inventory checker!
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