Apple to Chamber of Commerce after global warming spat: We're outta here


When Apple (AAPL) said Monday it would be leaving the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the computer company joined a growing list of large corporations that have dumped the country's most prestigious business advocacy group over global warming issues. The New York Timesreported Apple's departure and the the Cupertino, Calif.-based company distributed a statement from Catherine Novelli, the company's vice president of worldwide government affairs.

Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs' decision should send a clear message to chamber CEO and President Thomas Donohue: The chamber no longer represents a key segment of its most powerful members on what may be the most important business and social issue of our era. With the most influential consumer electronics company in the world lining up against Donohue and his policies, it's no longer just about alienating a few poorly recognized utilities. Instead, Donohue risks making the chamber a posterchild for U.S. intransigence and indifference on an issue of critical importance to the entire planet.